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Rabbit Fool Press has workshops that are held once each week, three hours each session, for a duration of six-weeks. We hold workshops during weekday afternoons and one weeknight session. We hope to add some weekend sessions in the future. In addition to the six sessions, there also will be one or two individual post-workshop meetings for each participant. During these one-on-one meetings, the participant will meet with Brandy to go over all the writing produced during the six weeks and figure out how to revise and restructure it into a final, polished publishable piece. In addition, the participant will bring photographs and any other visuals that he or she may wish to be considered for publication along with their anthologized work. After all the writers’ works are revised, accumulated, organized into a book manuscript, and published, we celebrate the publication with a book launch, where writers can proudly introduce their fine work to family, friends, and anyone else interested in reading their stories!

To find a workshop that fits your schedule, please have a look at our calendar below.

Our Creative Writing Workshop Program is currently on hiatus. We will be offering workshops in 2017. If you are interested in getting on our mailing list, please send us an email at

List of past Writing Workshops

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Writing Workshop for Kids!

Beginning in January 2012, Rabbit Fool Press will offer a pilot writing workshop for kids, ages 7-9. During the six-week workshop, young writers will learn how to create and develop a story through collaborative brainstorming and story mapping/storyboarding. They will be given weekly exercises to tickle their creative fancies and create drafts. The participants will discuss their drafts with each other during the two-hour sessions and will learn kid-friendly approaches to revision. The result of this workshop will be a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, published by Rabbit Fool Press. We will celebrate the publication with a book launch, at which the young authors will be able to sign copies of the book!

Since this is a pilot workshop, the cost is FREE. Space is extremely limited. Please email to inquire about availability.

Cancer [Expletive] Sucks: A Workshop for the Young Adult Cancer Community

As a young adult faced with cancer, writer and editor Brandy Liên Worrall-Soriano created the popular and frank blog, “Cancer F**king Sucks” in 2007. Over the past four years, she has shared the trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows, gains, losses, and lessons she gained from her cancer experience. Currently, she is using her blog, private journal, and other materials to complete her MFA manuscript, a creative nonfiction work on cancer, war, marriage, and divorce.

Those in the young adult cancer community—patients, survivors, and supporters ages 18-40—are invited to participate in a six-week workshop, facilitated by Brandy, in February 2012. Writers will explore what their cancer experiences have meant to them and to those around them, and will be challenged to put pen to paper in order to share these lessons. Participants will be instructed to access memories seemingly not related to cancer, in tandem to their cancer experiences, so that we can deepen our understanding and perspective of life with this disease. This workshop will result in an anthology, published and launched by Rabbit Fool Press.

The cost of this workshop is FREE. Space is extremely limited. Please email to inquire about availability.

From Scratch: A Food & Family Writing Workshop

In April 2012, Brandy will be teaching the popular “Food & Family” workshop. This tantalizing workshop will bring together the sweet, salty, savoury, and satisfying morsels of family gatherings, recipes and home cooking, restaurant outings, and other stories sure to tempt the reader’s palate. After six weeks of producing stories from exercises and receiving in-depth feedback from Brandy and workshop peers, participants will have the opportunity to publish their stories, photographs, and recipes in a Rabbit Fool Press anthology.

Pinpoints: Writing about Journeys

More often than not, the journey is more interesting than the destination, and this rings true for all sorts of journeys, whether they are physical sojourns or steps taken to overcome life’s obstacles. In this six-week workshop writers are challenged to recall the most pivotal journeys in their lives, and to use those memories as catalysts for poignant narratives for honouring the process as much as the result. Using writing exercises and peer feedback, writers will produce stories that will be published in a Rabbit Fool Press anthology—and from there, it will be exciting to see where else we can go!

Totally Mixed Up: A Workshop for Mixed Race Writers

Since 1999, Brandy Liên Worrall-Soriano and James Lawrence Ardeña published three handmade chapbooks (700 copies total) about the Asian North American mixed race experience, in a series entitled “Mixed Up.” Completely Mixed Up, a forthcoming anthology from Rabbit Fool Press, comprises those three chapbooks (which are available in extremely limited quantities as collector’s editions), in addition to a fourth section of previously unpublished material by mixed race writers and artists. In honour of this publication and in order to keep alive the mission to publish narratives about the mixed race experience, Rabbit Fool Press is thrilled to offer a workshop in Fall 2012 to this community.

This workshop is open to mixed race writers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genres. Brandy will lead the six-week workshop with exercises to probe deeper into the complexities as well as universalities of being mixed race. As always, Rabbit Fool Press will publish an anthology resulting from this workshop. This anthology will be an exciting companion to the Completely Mixed Up anthology.

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