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All Mixed Up (Limited Edition Copy)

Rabbit Fool Press

$150.00 CAD

All Mixed Up is the third and final instalment in the Mixed Up Chapbook Trilogy. This chapbook introduces new themes to the series, including food as investigation of history and identity; plants as an expression of hybridity and invasion; and legacies of migration and miscegenation. Even though this is the last chapter in the Mixed Up chapbook journey, we hope to continue the dialogue that was started in 1999 with Mixed Up, the first chapbook. In this age of increasing globalization and migrations, the Hapa experience is called upon even more as the model and ideal for what should happen when we can all get along. This notion, as celebratory as it is, remains problematic in its essentializing of racial, ethnic, cultural, and individual identity—just as the “tragic mulatto” stereotype is a troublesome construct with its claim that people of mixed race heritage are identity and cultural victims in limbo, never quite being able to find a place in the world. This volume speaks to our heterogeneity, our diversity and difference—the reality that there is no one true ideal identity, nor should there be; that Hapas aren’t the answer to the world’s ills. The nineteen contributors—hailing from Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and the Philippines—offer their expressions about the world that will nevertheless continue to ascribe labels and name them for something they may not be. In these individual expressions, Hapas will undoubtedly name themselves. Writers and artists included in this chapbook are James Ardeña, Sumi Braun, Margaret Gallagher, Jeneen M. Garcia, Sherlyn Jimenez, Christian Langworthy, Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon, Trina Mendiola, Rashaan Alexis Meneses, Dorian Merina, Shyamala Moorty, Mark Tadao Nakada, Debora O, Haruko Okano, Stevii Paden, Michael Tora Speier, Claire Tran, Fred Wah, and Brandy Liên Worrall.

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