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Mixed Up (Limited Edition Copy)

Rabbit Fool Press

$150.00 CAD

This chapbook, Mixed Up, reads like the title. Childhood dreams turn to defiance of expectations, but the road is not easy, not linear. We are a jumbled Amerasia map—East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Far East, Down South, Across the Border and Back Again. We are born from afar and have travelled quite far and wide. The languages each of us speaks—within and outside ourselves—are foreign to each other, but somehow, they understand just perfectly what’s being said to and within one another. This chapbook is not a dictionary, but rather a photo album made up of seventeen writers and artists. Offerings by Ethelyn Abellanosa, James Ardeña, Valerie Bejarano, Leilani Chan, Alison De La Cruz, Cheryl Deptowicz, Lance Dougherty, Angela Dy, M. Rico Fabionar, Sesshu Foster, Hazel Hill, Dorian Merina, Victoria Namkung, Erin O’Brien, Tony Osumi, Mika Tanner, and Brandy Liên Worrall.

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