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Too Mixed Up (Limited Edition Copy)

Rabbit Fool Press

$150.00 CAD

Too Mixed Up is the second instalment of three chapbooks devoted to the multiracial Asian North American (Hapa) experience. The collective experience of Asian North American multiracial people cannot be reduced into a singular notion of identity. We seek to create a dialogue that not only dismisses traditional stereotypes of Hapas, but also asserts the decentralization of the Hapa experience away from the California experience and ideology as the mainstream model. It is our hope that this trilogy destroys the veil of exploitation and stereotypes, provides a lens through which to view the ever-evolving history of multiracial Asian American fluidity, and inspires others to continue weaving the tapestry. The twenty-two writers and artists in this chapbook are Ethelyn Abellanosa, James Ardeña, Wei Ming Dariotis, Cheryl Deptowicz, Jason Howard, Peter Kiang, Daniel Takeshi Krause, Noemi Lamotte-Serrano, Claire Light, Rachel Matsuda, Dorian Merina, Victoria Namkung, Taro O’Sullivan, Stevii Paden, Amal Rana, Clifford Rivera, Tony Robles, Freedom Allah Siyam, Alberto Vajrabukka, Lisa Valenica-Svensson, Brandy Liên Worrall, and Anthony Yuen.

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